Volleyball Court LED Light For Outdoor & Indoor(Layout,Size)

With the improvement of living standards, volleyball courts are also commonly used in schools, communities, parks, indoor gymnasiums and other places, especially in cities, where volleyball activities are also going at night, so volleyball court lighting design is an important option. How to choose volleyball lighting fixtures to increase the utilization rate of the sports field, ensure the illuminance of the field and reduce the maintenance cost are important issues that the operators need to consider.

In this article, we will guide the design of indoor and outdoor volleyball court lighting, including light fixture selection, pole height, light layout,installation requirement and operating costs etc.

The size of volleyball court

The standard size and requirements of the volleyball court is like below:

volleyball court size
  1.  Competition court: The competition court includes the competition area and free space, and its shape is a symmetrical rectangle.
  2.  Area: The volleyball court is a rectangle of 18 meters × 9 meters,and volleyball courts for different application require different free areas:
ApplicationFree spaceFree height
FIB world competition≥5m≥12.5
Olympics game≥6m≥12.5

How many lumens to light a volleyball court?

Volleyball court:Dimensions: 18 *9 meters

ApplicationLux requirementlumens
Recreational competitions75-200Lux12,150 lm – 34,200 lm
Professional competitions500lux81,000 lm

What is the height of light pole for volleyball court?

According to the design requirement of volleyball courts, we can know that the height of the light poles used for outdoor volleyball courts is between 7-15 meters.

Common volleyball court lighting layout

  • Lights on the ceiling: The light fixture are placed on the ceiling, and the beam is perpendicular to the floor of the volleyball. It is better to use symmetrical light distribution, which are suitable for gymnasiums with low height, require high ground illumination uniformity.
valleyball court light ceiling layout

When using the ceiling layout, you can choose the our LED high bay light. After a unique optical design, there are different beam angle of the light option according to the height of the court. Our volleyball court lights with an anti-glare lampshade, which can effectively control the glare and provide a good lighting environment for the athletes.

  • Lights on both sides:It is better to use asymmetrical light distribution on both sides,which are suitable for gymnasiums with high illumination and TV broadcast requirements. When  lights are placed on both sides, the projection angle of the light should be less than 65 degrees.
volleyball court light side layout

When using the two sides layout, you can choose our professional LED floodlight. After professional optical design, which can be better utilized the light and more vertical illuminance provided.

  • Mixed layout: The mixed layout use a multiple light distribution, which is suitable for large-scale comprehensive gymnasiums.

Outdoor Volleyball court lights Installing List

Outdoor volleyball courts light should be installed with light poles,which are placed on both sides of the court to ensure that the players’ sight is not interfered by the front light when playing the ball.

The number of light fixture (8 sets)

  1. Metal halide flood light, 400W, color temperature around 4200K
  2. LED floodlight:150W-250W, color temperature around 4000K (standard 5700K-6500K ), the actual power of light depends on the illuminance requirement.
  3. Light pole: H=8 meters, double-headed T-shaped pole, Q235 material, galvanizing processing, upper and lower diameter 60/150cm, thickness is between 2.75-3MM
  4. Light pole foundation: M18*280*280*H600-700, digging size: 600*600*H700-800.
  5. When covering the cement, the screw part is exposed by 40-50mm.It is better to wrap it with tape to avoid being stained with the cement, which will cause troubles in the later construction.

How much does it take to light a Volleyball court

To light up a standard volleyball court,the number of light fixture is different depends on indoor or outdoor applications, the height of light pole or ceiling and the brightness requirement.

Outdoor volleyball court

outdoor volleyball court light

In general,outdoor volleyball courts use 4 double-headed T-shaped light poles with a height of 8 meter,a total of 8 piece of 200W led light to meet the requirements. We assume that it runs 4 hours per day, 360 days a year, and the electricity cost is 0.15KW/h. So,the operating cost is:

0.2*8*4*360*0.15=346USD per year

Indoor volleyball court

When using a ceiling layout, we can use 28 pieces of 100-200W LED high bay light. We assume that it runs for 8 hours a day and 360 days a year, and the electricity cost is 0.15KW/h. Then the operating cost is:

0.2*28*8*360*0.15=2420 USD per year


In the above, we have introduced the volleyball court size, illuminance, outdoor volleyball court lighting design and layout, indoor volleyball court layout layout, indoor and outdoor volleyball court lighting operating costs, etc. for different applications. If you are looking for a volleyball lighting solution, feel free to contact us, if you are interested in more sports venue lighting design, you also can view outdoor and indoor basketball court lighting design or tennis court led light design.