UFO Hihay Bay Lights

UFO LED High Bay Light

Professional UFO LED high bay light lighting solution, EPISTAR 2835 chip,Precision aluminum press 60W/100W/150W/200W/240W/300W/400W/500W available.

UFO LEDs high bay light
  • 35W, 75W,100W,150W, 200W,300W
  • High brightness SMD >125lm/W, Epistar 3030 SMD;
  • Isolated constant current led driver, the light work stably;
  • CCT: Warm white 2700, 3000K; Pure white 4000-4500K; Cool white 6000-6500K;
  • Pf>0.95 CRI≥80;
  • Beam angle: 180degree;
  • Input Voltage: AC 100-277V/50-60Hz.


Precision Aluminum press

The shell is made of precision thick aluminum material,Durable, waterproof and rust-proof and high-quality

UFO LED high bay Lights
led high bay light beam angle


beam angle optional

60° 90° 120° lens optional,which can be used for different installation application


Microwave sensor optional

Using  high-tech technology to effectively identify  body signals, and control the switch of light fixture in an intelligent way.
Poweerful reliability, good anti-interference ability, good signal penetration

high bay light micro wave sensor
led light aluminum cover


Optional accessories

Surface mounted/Rotatable and walling of light body bracket thickness >3.0mm
0-10V dimming and PWM dimming
Aluminum cover and plastic cover for optional

In old times almost all the working machinery and appliances of daily usage were of huge sizes. With the passage of time and the need, the machinery and appliances were reduced to small sizes with improved working. Similarly, the lights used in warehouses and factories back then were enormous with a lot of power consumption to provide light to the whole working area or area of need. But now, their sizes are also minimized to half or even less and that too with more effective lighting and wide range. UFO high bay lights are a good example of the modernization of light bulbs.

So if you’re looking for an effective and reliable option to lighten up commercial or industrial areas, then you can surely rely on these light bulbs. Since the constant disturbance of having to keep fixing the bulb or keep changing them is something we all want to avoid in this advanced era, these light bulbs serve as an efficient and longer-lasting option to fulfill your needs.

What is a UFO high bay LED light?

UFO lights are the latest technology in the warehouse lighting. They are named as UFO lights because they look like a UFO disc. As the name indicates, UFO high bay lights are used to light up spaces with high ceilings (20-45 feet high). High bay LED lights are a powerful source of light as they are used to illuminate a large area. They are an extremely reliable and energy-efficient source of light to use in different areas.

Types of UFO high bay LED lights:

To figure out what type of UFO high bay LED light fixture you need to install, you must recognize your requirement. Although, all types of UFO high bay lights offer clear, uniform, and efficient lighting. The only difference in these fixtures that the UFO high bay lights manufacturer offer is in terms of power consumption.

  • 100W UFO high bay LED light:

This one is the most energy-efficient and widely used type of UFO high bay LED light as it offers around 13000-15000 Lumens, almost 130LM per Watt. This means you can simply rely on this type if you have a high roof and small area to cover with the effectiveness and saving of electricity as well. This type is mostly used in garages and basements.


  • 150W UFO high bay LED light:

Anyways, if you want to increase your range to cover more area, there is 150W UFO high bay light. It can easily provide approximately 2250 Lumens at a beam angle of 120 degrees to cover the area below. These UFO high bay lights can easily replace a 400W halide light. This type of light is mostly used in warehouses, high shed factories, and workshops.


  • 200W UFO high bay LED light:

Furthermore, if you can increase your budget a bit and want to have high Lumen output, then this 200W UFO high bay lights are for you. It can easily offer 29000 -30000 Lumens with much better heat dissipation and slightly increased electricity usage. This type is utilized in exhibition halls and a sports hall.


  • 300W UFO high bay LED light:

If you still haven’t met the light of your needs, then this 300W UFO high bay LED light will surely work for you. It can provide a flush out lighting at high luminosity at a rate of around 40000 -42000Lumens. Since this light provides you a proper amount of lumens, you’ll gain a maximum amount of brightness in your area. Of course, the power consumption would be a little higher than previous types but it would be still efficient than other halide lights.


After getting to know the details of all the types of available UFO high bay lights, you would surely be able to pick the one that matches your needs and requirements.