Tennis Courts Lighting for Outdoor & Indoor

If you are planning to run a tennis court, many considerations are needed.The design of a tennis court depends on many factors such as:tennis court ground, tennis court seine, and tennis court lighting. In this article,we will introduce the lighting design of the tennis court.

The size of tennis courts

The standard size of doubles tennis courts is 23.77*10.98 meters, and there should be space not less than 6.4 meters behind each end line, and no less than 3.66 meters outside each sideline.

There are many lights can be used for tennis courts,such as:Metal halide light and LED lights.With the development of LED lights, today,many tennis courts use LED stadium lights.

Tennis courts lighting design

Before outdoor tennis court lighting,we should consider these question:

1)What kind of light poles are used for outdoor tennis court lighting, and what are the requirements for height and material?

2)What are the lighting requirements of the tennis court, and what kind of high-power light source is used?

3)How many light poles and light fixture are installed in a tennis court, and where are they placed?

How many lumens does it take to light a tennis court?

Generally, how to determine the light for tennis courts depends on the many factors,such as:the size of lights ,the height of the light pole according to the illuminance requirements.

Below are the illuminance standard for common tennis courts:

150lx-300lxHobby competition(training)
300lx-500lxOrdinary competition
500-750Lx(higher 1500lx)Official competition

Lighting pole design

The height of the fence around the outdoor tennis court is common between 4-6 meters, depending on the surrounding environment of the court and the height of the building, which can adjust it appropriately. Outdoor court lighting should be installed on both sides with a height of above 6 meters, and the lights are evenly illuminated from both sides to the court.

The below are common tennis court lighting design solution:

High-standard LED light design:

outdoor tennis court light

We can use a total of 6 light poles with 12 piece of 200W LED light fixture to symmetrical distribution.Among them,one light pole with a height of 8 meter is placed on the center line of the court, and other is placed on each of the two ends of the center line from 10M to 14M.

Economic LED light design:

We can use a total of 4 light poles with 8 piece of 200W LED light. Light pole with a height of 6-8 meter is placed on far away 7M to 10M from the center to two ends of court. 

Metal halide light design:

HID light layout

We can use 8 light poles with a height of 8 meter to evenly distribute on the each side, and each light pole comes with a piece of 400W-1000W metal halide light, total of 8 light poles and 8 piece of light fixture.

Above briefly introduces the lighting layout of tennis court . If you want to know more about tennis court lighting, feel free to contact us.

How to avoid glare when installing tennis court light

If there is an unscientific lighting design of the tennis court,it will cause glare issue,resulting in affect the player’s competition and the visitor visual experience. Therefore, we should consider below tips:

Tennis court light pole layout tips

tenis court light pole layout

For tennis courts with auditoriums, high ceilings or can not use light poles,it is better to place the lights fixture on both sides of the court or combining with the ceiling installing. At the same time,it should provide the same illuminance for the lights on both sides of the tennis court . For tennis courts with no or only a small number of auditoriums, it is better to place light poles back of the auditorium on both sides of the court,and the position of lighting pole is like below:

Tennis court light pole height tips

tennis court height

For the professional competition application,the installation height of the tennis court light fixture should not be less than 12 meters.For the training application,the height of the light fixture should not be less than 8 meters.

Indoor Tennis court light layout tips

There are common three types of indoor tennis court lighting layout,such as: light on both sides, light on the ceiling and mixed both. The total length of the light fixture on both sides should not be less than 36 meters,and the projection angle  should not be more than 65°.

tennis court side light
tennis court ceiling light
tennis court mixed light

How much does it take to run tennis court light

With the improvement of LED technology, under the same lumens, LED consumes less power, but the price is higher, so how much does it take to light up a tennis court? Is it expensive to install tennis court lights? Which is more cost-effective, LED or traditional metal halide light?

LED vs metal halide lamp operating cost

According to market research, 200W LED is about US$200, and the average cost of a 1000W metal halide light is US$50.

14 sets of 200W LED lumens are equivalent to 10 sets of 1000W metal halide light.

Light fixture cost:

LED light:200*14=2800USD

Metal halide light:50*10=500USD

We assume that the electricity cost is 0.15KW/h, and 8 hours a day for 360 days in a year:

Electricity cost

14 sets of 200WLED:0.2*8*360*0.15*14=1210 USD

10 sets of 1000W metal halide light:1*8*360*0.15*10=4320 USD

Maintenance cost:

According to the characteristics of metal halide light, the bulb needs to be replaced every year, and other elements need to be replaced every 3 years, the maintenance cost for 3 years :

LED maintenance cost: almost 0

Maintenance cost of metal halide light:


Based on the above calculation, we can save total cost in 3 year:

Total LED cost:2800USD+1210USD=4010USD

Total HID light cost:500USD+4320USD+2300USD=7120USD

All right,you will reduce about 3100USD bill,it is so good.

Wrapping up

In this article,we have introduced tennis court lighting design, how to install tennis court lighting, first of all, whether it is indoor or outdoor, lighting for requirements, light fixture selection, light fixture and light pole layout, operating cost comparison, etc. If you are considering installing a tennis court lighting, you can contact us for more solutions,view to more basketball court lighting for outdoor & indoor.