(Ping Pong)Table Tennis Lighting-How many Size,Watts,Lux

With the development of the economy, many sports event has also been growth in recent years. Among them, table tennis is becoming more and more popular.The lighting system is a very important facility for table tennis field, such as training, competition, and television broadcasting.So,are you looking for a table tennis lighting solution?

In this article,we will explore every thing about table tennis lighting design.

The size and standard of table tennis court

The table tennis table is 274 cm long, 152.5 cm wide, and 76 cm high. The common activity area is 7*14 meters.

How many luxs for table tennis court

The lighting design of the table tennis court needs to consider many factors such as horizontal illuminance, vertical illuminance, illuminance evenly, illuminance gradient, light source color temperature, and color rendering.

The horizontal illuminance is an important factor to measure the lighting level of the table tennis field. The vertical illuminance has an important impact on the audience watching the game and the TV broadcast. Therefore,according to research,below are lighting illuminance requirement for  table tennis court:

Training and entertainment300
Hobby competition500
Profession competition1000
Ordinary TV broadcast1000
Professional TV broadcast1400
HD TV broadcast2000

Illumination Standard(GAISF)

/Ordinary TV broadcast1000
/Professional TV broadcast1400
/HD TV broadcast2000

What light is better for lighting a table tennis court?

Let’s check three common lights used for table tennis court.


Although light tubes used to be very popular in stadiums,due to its short lifespan and high maintenance, this kind of light fixture is now removed by most sports stadium

Metal halide light

Metal halide lights are alternatives to tubes in previous years.However, One hand,it takes fifteen minutes from start-up to fully illuminating.On other hand,it will produce glare and consume much energy. You may have witnessed that more and more metal halide lights are replaced with LED.

LED stadium lights

Ping pong LED stadium lighting is customized according to the feature of the table tennis court.In addition to anti-glare, high uniformity, comfortable,high heat dissipation efficiency design, our LED stadium lighting also utilize air convection structure to ensure better heat dissipation,and light source uses high-quality high-power lamp beads with high brightness and long lifespan, which is better for most sports stadium such as table tennis halls.

Table tennis court lighting layout

The lighting layout of the indoor table tennis court is like that of the indoor basketball court. Below are common lights layout.

Ceiling lighting layout: even lighting and group lighting layout, like below image:

Lights on both sides layout:the table tennis court lights are placed on both sides of the court, and the beam is not perpendicular to the plane of the court.

Mixed lights layout:the combination of the ceiling lights and the two sides lights,which is suitable for large-scale comprehensive sports stadium.

Surrounding lights layout: The light fixture are placed in the area around the table, which is suitable for small and medium-sized table tennis rooms.

Things to consider before designing table tennis lighting

Due to the size of ping pong is very small and requiring the fast reaction speed when going activity,so it also needs higher lighting standards.

Generally, we should first consider that the ratio of the illuminance of the table to the illuminance of the sports area is more than 50% when designing table tennis lighting.In other world, the average illuminance of the table is not less than 500lx, and the illuminance of the sports area should be more than 250lx.

The next consideration is when installing light fixture,we should avoid lighting glare as much as possible by reasonable layout of installation height and position.Moreover, the installation height and position of the table tennis field  light  also affect the lighting quality.For professional competition,the lighting height should not be lower than 4 meters , not be lower than 3 meters for entertainment. The higher the installation height, the larger the power of light fixture required.

Another is the light fixture cannot be directly irradiate the vision of the athlete.

To ensure the reasonable design of table tennis lighting, other thing need to consider before designing table tennis lighting.

Light distribution

The lighting design of the table tennis field including the watching area and the competition area. We not only need to follow the lighting ratio in competition area,but also need a reasonable the light distribution to ensure the lighting requirements of the auditorium.Moreover,We also control the  horizontal illuminance, vertical illuminance, illuminance uniformity and illuminance gradient etc.

Light source performance

Light sources with high color rendering is better showing real color of item, and the colors we see are closer to natural original colors. Light sources with low color rendering is poor showing the real color of item, and the color deviation is also larger. Therefore,we should use table tennis court lighting fixture with high color rendering to make athletes identify better.

Light fixture selection

We should choose table tennis lighting fixtures with high energy-saving, high lumen efficiency and long lifespan,which can not only reduce energy consumption and electricity bill,  but also decrease maintenance and operating cost .

Our table tennis LED light uses a “fin-type” heat dissipation and anti-glare design,it will provide you a shorter return on investment period to maximize benefits by its higher luminous efficiency, less maintenance and lower operating cost.


  • Sturdy aluminum main plate and fast heat dissipation
  • Anti-glare and lightweight
  • Ultra-thin and compact appearance
  • A variety of light distribution including 60 degree, 90 degree, 120 degree lampshades
  • High quality PCB from eashub.com and high  efficiency
  • Good stability

How many watts do i need for table tennis court

The wattage of the table tennis court light is determined by  many factors, such as the lighting area, installation height, illuminance standards, etc., below are common table tennis courts and lighting layout:

Layout 1-8  meter length,6 meter wide and 3.8 meter height

table tenis ligting layout

Layout 2-12 meter length,6 meter wide and 3.8 meter height

table tenis ligting layout

Layout 3-12 meter length,12 meter wide and 3.7 meter height

table tenis ligting layout

Wrapping up

In this article, we introduce the lighting standards of indoor table tennis field, what lights are suitable for table tennis , the things need to be considered when designing lighting and common light fixture layout. At FINE PIXEL,we can not only provide professional table tennis lighting design solutions, but also provide high-quality LED light to ensure good lighting system in the stadium. If you are planning to build a table tennis lighting system, feel free to contact us for more professional and affordable solutions and products.If you are interested in more sports industry lighting,click here to check tennis court lighting,football field lighting or badminton court lighting.