SMD2216 vs SMD2835 LED Strip Light,Which is better

Are you looking for a higher brightness LED flexible strip light? Which led strip can produce more uniform light distribution, what is the difference between SMD2216 and SMD2835?

In this article,we will explore these knowledge,let’s go these detail.


SMD 2216 LED is famous for its high color rendering index that up to RA90 or more,ultra-high density and better brightness.There are a variety of types including: 60led/M, 120led/M, 140led/M, 180led/M, 210led/M, 240led/M, 300led/M and different sizes of PCB for 2216, but it is a high-volume assembly rather than a complex high-mix low-volume PCB assembly.

It is the best lighting solution for aluminum profiles of different sizes. Due to its high-density LED, the light is quite uniform without any dark spacing, which is very suitable for smaller size aluminum profiles, and can be used in brand exhibition stores, high-end hotels, office buildings, museums, art galleries, hospitals and other places.

TypeSizelmColor rendering indexangle

SMD 2216 LED strips pros:

High Density

One SMD 2216 LED is close to other on the strip which can emit higher brightness.. The led strip is twice as bright as any other normal light. You can use it to light up a completely gloomy room or highlight an architectural design with precise details.


SMD 2216 LED strip is waterproof since they are covered in protective layering. These are better used in places where there may be water leakage or outdoors lighting, path illuminations, billboards, and directional signs.


These LED strips comes with built-in controller allows you to change the color variations easily. You also can change the level of brightness from the maximum to minimum.

High Power

SMD 2216 LED strip is relative high power than other LEDs. It can save a lot of energy and cost in long work because of they can also wok on low voltage mode. They don’t produce huge electricity bills even in higher brightness.

SMD 2835

SMD2835 is a medium-power super bright LED, with 0.1W, 0.2W and 0.5W. The size of SMD2835 is 2.8mm length × 3.5mm width × 0.8mm thickness.

There are tree types of SMD2835 in power,like below:

PowerVoltage(white /blue/green)Voltage(red/yellow)CurrentFlux

SMD 2835 can reach 20-22 lumens,which is an upgraded LEDs after SMD3014.Compared with SMD 3528,it has higher brightness and better heat dissipation,which is widely in  fluorescent light, bulb , panel lights and other light.


How many watts is a meter with SMD2216 led strip?

SMD 2216 led strip watts per meter depends on the specifications of the LEDs, such as:0.06W, 0.15W, and 0.2W,brightness and the number of LEDs.

In general,different type watts like below:


It is the most ideal driving current at 43-46mA, the maximum  current cannot exceed 60mA,the voltage is 2.8-3.6V and the instant voltage of LEDs cannot exceed 5V.

How brightness is a meter with SMD2216 led strip?

SMD 2216 led strip brightness per meter depends on chip brand, power and quantity, etc.

In general,different type watts like below:


What is the difference between SMD2216 and SMD2835

As we mentioned above,  SMD2216 LED is known for its high color rendering index and brightness.So,it is suitable for applications where true color rendering and high quality illumination. Compared with SMD2835 LED, the SMD2216 LEDs strip can produce more uniform light distribution without shadows around the diodes.

With the SMD2216 strip compact design, make it possible for a relatively small bending radius in flexible linear lighting applications.Compared with SMD2835, SMD3528 or SMD5730 LEDs. Due to its small size, SMD2216 can be used for high-density light strips, combined with the advantages of SMD2216’s own high luminous efficiency, high lumens and large-angle light-emit, which can be used in a variety of high-end bright outdoor applications.

The SMD2126 LED light comes with a high color rendering (90-95 CRI),it can better show the original color of the items for vibrant colors, patterns and textures of items.

There are warm white, neutral white and daylight white available for SMD2126 led strip,combined with the advantages of high lumens,it is loved by more popular.

Wrapping up

In this article,we have explore the advantages and difference between SMD2216 and SMD2835.SMD2216 is smaller in size and higher color rendering index.Due to its high density,the SMD2216 LEDs strip can produce more uniform light distribution without shadows around the diodes.