Outdoor LED Wall Pack Light

LED Wall Pack Lights

Comercial LED wall pack light,High brightness smd 130lm/W, Epistar 2835 SMD; 40W/60W/100W/120W available.

led wall pack lights
  • 40W, 60W,100W,120W available
  • Rugged die-cast aluminum housing is ideal for outdoor installation
  • Integrated heatsink runs cool with the minimum heat output
  • IP 65, 5 years warranty
  • Smart bracket for quick installation
  • Photocell sensor option



Precision Aluminum case

The case is made of precision thick aluminum material,Durable, waterproof and rust-proof and high-quality

LED wall pack Lights
Outdoor LED wall pack Lights



Overvoltage protection

High-quality LED drive power, overload and less-voltage protection, high precision control the circuit to ensure voltage stability

led wall pack light size
led wall pack light size
led wall pack light size
led wall pack light size

Are you looking for a smart and reliable outdoor lighting addition to your home or business? If so, you must have certainly gone through plenty of options up until now. But when it comes to brightening up the outdoor walls with something reliable and helpful, you need to look for lights that don’t look like they are just there. Instead, it’s important to look for lights installed on the outdoor walls that add grace to the walls, enough brightness to light up the area and provide you efficient working and results.

Besides, when it comes to outdoor work for any wall, whether it’s our office, home, or building; we often make one-time investments. Considering this, it’s highly important to invest in the best options that can last for a long time.

Now when it comes to lighting the outdoor walls, one of the best options is LED wall pack light fixtures.

What is LED Wall Pack Light?

A LED wall pack light is known to be a completely commercial fixture that is installed on the outside walls. These walls can be of any building, parking garages, walkways, or any other commercial location. Additionally, these lights aren’t only just the best commercial lights because of their energy efficiency, but they also serve as a reliable emergency security light option for business offices and buildings.

Different Types of LED Wall Pack Light:

When it comes to buying these LED wall lights, you must understand what type you want. Now even though plenty of LED wall light manufacturers serve with amazing quality lights. But even when you have certain manufacture finalized, you can’t make the right decision without knowing the light type. This mainly refers to the watts offered by each LED wall pack light manufacturers.

  • 40W LED Wall Lights:

Considering this, the most energy-efficient and reliable option for LED wall lights are 26W light bulbs. Since these bulbs create 3000LM and can be helpful in terms of saving a lot of electricity, you can rely on them for power effective and longer-lasting results. However, these bulbs are better to be mounted on walls where low light is required.

  • 60W, 100W:

However, if you’re planning to increase the budget or add more brightness to the lights, the additions of watts can do the trick for you. A variety of LED wall pack light manufacturers offers a wide variety of watts including  60W, 100W, and 120W. Each of these LED wall pack lights adds more brightness to your walls. Additionally, with the increase of watts, the energy consumption also exceeds.

  • 120W LED Light Fixtures:

Lastly, if you aren’t yet satisfied with any brightness results of the previously LED wall lights, then you’re probably need of a 120W wall light pack. Since these LED light bulbs provide you with a sufficient amount of lumens, you’ll gain an extreme level of brightness on your exterior walls. Hence, you can utilize the 120W LED wall pack light in various application needs; including the fulfillment of security needs.

Now that we’ve mentioned each of the LED wall pack light types and how well do they serve your external wall brightening needs; you’re probably going to be able to make a better decision.

However, it’s important to know that even with the exceeding needs of energy consumption for each larger LED light watt; these LED lights still consume lesser energy than a fluorescent light bulb. Hence, whatever you choose, the electricity consumption might not be a huge deal here.

Yet, even then, what brightness does your exterior wall requires is the main priority to look up to when finalizing a specific LED wall light type. So once that’s settled, bring those lights, and let your building’s exterior walls bright up like never before.