LED Strip SMD 2835 vs 3528 Vs SMD 5050,What is the difference?

LED strips are also called LED flexible strips and LED flexible strips. Although the names are different, they all refer to the same LEDs product.

LED strip refers to the assembly of LEDs on a strip of FPC (flexible circuit board) or LED PCB hard board. Their general models are 2835,3528 and 5050,So,what is the meaning of this number?And how to identify SMD X is good or bad?

In this article,we will explore the difference between SMD 2835,3528 and SMD 5050 and other led strip basic knowledge.

SMD 5050 led strip

What is the difference between SMD 2835,3528 and SMD 5050

SMD refers to a ‘Surface Mounted Device’. That means this is an LED Chip mounted directly to a light strip, without using wires,the numbers after the SMD simply refer to the physical size of the LED On the LED strip light,and the number of 1210 converted to metric system is 3528, which means that the length of the LED is 3.5mm long and 2.8mm wide. The same as other,5050 means that the length of the LED is 5.0mm long and 5.0mm wide.

SMD 3528

SMD 3528 may be the most common LEDs of all LED strip light. The brightness and power of LEDs is relatively lower than that of LEDs,which is most commonly used for accent lighting, such as around the crown molding below the ceiling or above kitchen cabinets .

SMD 5050

In terms of popularity,SMD 5050 is slightly lower than SMD 3528 . The LED size is 5.0mm*5.0mm. The brightness of SMD 5050 is about 3 times higher than that of SMD 3528. Due to the higher brightness, the SMD 5050 led strip light is commonly used under the cabinet to provide lighting. SMD 5050 also provides colors changing optional, so you can use the controller to change the color that you favorite color.

SMD 2835

SMD 2835 look very much like SMD 3528, but they are much more efficient due to using upgraded technology. This means that for equivalent power, they can be much, much brighter than that of SMD 2528. The size of SMD 2835 is 2.8mm x 3.5mm) They are the ultimate selection in task lighting and even work lighting.

The Difference Between SMD 2835 and SMD 3528

TypeSizeLuminous methodLuminous areaCooling method
TypeCooling areaLuminous effectBeam angleLuminous flux

SMD 2835 adopts the front light-emitting method, which has high luminous efficiency, and the light-emitting area reaches 9.18mm is twice that of SMD 3528.

SMD 2835 has high brightness, a single SMD chip can reach 22 lumens (LM), and the brightness is 2.8 times that of SMD 3528 and 1.8 times that of SMD 3014.

SMD 2835 has thin thickness, and the thickness is one-half of that of SMD 3528, and the light-emitting angle is up to 120 degrees.The light spot is more uniform and the illuminance is wider in application.

SMD 2835 adopts the unique vertical heat dissipation, with a heat sink at the bottom, and the chip is directly connected to the heat sink, so that the more faster heat dissipation.

The difference in pulse currents

The pulse current of SMD 2835: 700mA.

The pulse current of SMD 3528: 100mA.

The difference in feature

SMD 2835 is an upgraded LEDs after SMD 3014, with better overall performance and more market competitiveness.

After SMD 3528 work in 20mA continuously condition, the brightness will gradually increase by 12% in about 1500 hours,and the light decay will be less than 25% in 10000 hours.

The difference in applications

SMD 2835 is widely used in advertising characters and advertising light boxes.

SMD 3528 is suitable for fluorescent tube, light bar, downlight, etc.

The Difference Between SMD 2835 and SMD 5050

SMD 5050 is made according to market demand on the basis of SMD 3528, which can better meet market demand.

In therms of appearance,SMD 5050 LEDs are square,while SMD 3528 are rectangular. The SMD 5050 circuit board is wider than that of SMD 3528,So, its brightness is 3 times that of  SMD 3528.

In therms of light intensity,the brightness of SMD 5050 is higher that of SMD 3528, because the size of SMD 5050 chips  is larger than that of SMD 3528 .Moreover,the material is also better, but the price is also more expensive. Although SMD 3528 light strip is not brighter than the SMD 5050, it can also be used for home installation.

SMD 3528 and SMD 5050 are commonly produced by one-time dispensing,they are colorless and transparent.

In terms of power,SMD 3528 is a small power of 0.06 watts, SMD 5050 is 0.2 watts, but SMD 5050 can also be made into a 0.5 watt or 1W package.

In terms of frequency,SMD 3528 and 5050 are belong to high frequency.

In term of light-emitting angle,SMD 3528 and 5050 are all large-angle, square packages. There are also side-illuminated ones option.

The number of LED on the LED strip light

There are 30 LEDs, 48 LEDs, 60 LEDs and 120 LEDs types on the led strip light, “X LEDs”refers to how many LEDs are mounted on the LED strip light per meter . Generally speaking, the SMD 3528 LED strip light is 60 LEDs per meter, 5050 is 30 LEDs per meter, and the special model is 60 LEDs per meter.

The color temperature of the LED strip light

The color temperature of LED strips generally include warm white (around 2200K-3500K), normal white (around 4000K-6000K), and cool white (above 6500K). People have different adaptability to the color temperature.

The price of LED strip light:

There are is a big difference between LED strip light on the market, the price of SMD 2835,3528 or 5050 LED strip light mainly depends on the materials and production processes used, such as the LED chips, LED glue, LED mounted technology,manufacturer and so on.

You had better to purchase some samples before in bulk.Of course,the best choice is the LEDs that suits your application.

For example,Although waterproof LEDs are more expensive than non-waterproof LEDs, you can choose non-waterproof LED strips for indoor household. 

How to identify SMD2835, 3528 SMD 5050 is good or bad?

For SMD chips,there are corresponding power, current and brightness like below. We can identify the quality of the SMD through aging tests and other methods.

SMD 3528, power of 0.06W, current of 20mA, voltage of 2.9-3.0, luminous flux 8-9lm

SMD 3014, power 0.1W, current 30MA, voltage 2.9-3.0V, luminous flux 12-14lm

SMD 2835, power 0.2W, current 60mA

SMD 5050, power 0.2W,current 60mA,and 0.5W,current 150mA

A. It can be lighted by a high-temperature 80 degree in super current condition to make high-temperature rapid aging test.

B. Pour the red ink into a glass container and turn the water to red, put in the SMD chip, then boil the water under the alcohol burner, and then take it out for checking the tightness of the glue of the SMD.

C. Scrape off the silver layer at the bottom of the bracket of SMD to check whether it is a copper or iron bracket

D. Thermal shock test

E. Decomposition test, put the SMD chips in the solution (liquid acid or hydrochloric acid) to decompose, add the corresponding solution to calculate the various components.