Garden LED post top light

LED Post Top Light

Garden lawn lighting solution, EPISTAR 2835 chip,precision aluminum case 100W/200W/300W available.

led post top
  • 100W, 200W,300W optional;
  • High brightness SMD >125lm/W, Epistar 2835 SMD;
  • Precision die-cast aluminum case;
  • Multi-angle glow;
  • 1-10V dimmable;
  • Microwave sensor or photocell sensor optional;



Precision Aluminum case

The case is made of precision die-cast aluminum material.Durable, waterproof and rust-proof and high-quality

led post top light
led post top light



High protection

Meanwell LED drive power, overload and less-voltage protection, high precision control the circuit to ensure voltage stability




Multi-angle glow;1-10V dimmable;

Microwave sensor or photocell sensor optional;

led post top
led post light size
led post light size

In today’s modern era where everything is judged through its appearance, everyone is looking for something unique and modern. The markets are introducing new and improved products every day, as the requirements of consumers are escalating. A few years before, the only things to consider were reliability and working with the changing times, there are so many products available in the market nowadays; so the competition between them has also enhanced. 

Lighting is one of the fundamental challenges in any field. Either we consider domestic areas or public places; light is a basic need everywhere we go. At public places, lights are vital to reduce the fear of crimes, safety purposes, and beautification. Better lighting makes safer spaces and creates spaces for interaction. In commercial premises, proper light is a high priority; so it doesn’t provide any room for criminals to hide; it helps to maximize the safety of employees and premises. LED post top area light is one of the best outdoor light presently available. Let’s take a look what LED post top area light manufacturers offer.

What is a LED post top area light?

LED post top area lights are the outdoor lights, which are used to enlighten urban streets, parks, parking areas, factories, city expressways, streets, and home entrances and backyards. LED post top area lights are helpful for both security and decorative purposes.

These lights are very beneficial and efficient for outdoor lighting needs with classic and unique designs, that too at a very low-price. The salient feature of these lights is, they are highly stable and can work in any weather; hence the maintenance cost is almost nothing. These LED light offer great durability. They are accessible in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and plans for beautifying lighting wherever you need them. Post top area light is energy efficient as well as it includes LED lights; it saves around 90% electricity than that of a typical bulb.

Types of LED post top area light:

To puzzle out which class of LED post top area light fixtures you need to install, you must acknowledge your demands. Although all lights from LED post top area light manufacturers offer reliability and efficiency. Here we will look into three different ranges of these lights.


  • 100W LED post top area light:

100W LED post top area light provides an excellent illuminative solution to parking areas, roadways, and campuses. LED Post Top Area Lights are designed in such a way to meet the needs for outdoor lighting with efficiency and beautifying effect on the environment. The LED light used in these post area lights offers extensive coverage of area (120) degrees. This LED light offers; 13,000 Lumens, which are enough for small spaces like gardens and pathways.


  • 200W LED post top area light: 

This one is a slightly better version of LED post top area lights, as it provides more brightness of the light (Lumens). 200W LED post top area light offers around 20,000 Lumens, more than double as we compare it with the previous one. So this LED light is preferably suitable for larger areas like; Town centers, shipping yards, docks, government facilities, and enormous stages.



  • 300W LED post top area light:

Furthermore, if you require an even more powerful light source to cover your area, then you might consider 300W LED post top area light as the most reliable one. It offers around 30,400 Lumens, which is enough to cover a vast area more powerfully. Another good aspect of these lights is that they are installed in such a way that their light is; directed downwards so it is environment friendly and safe for wildlife. It offers the same production of light as compared to a 600W -1000W metal halide or high-pressure sodium light, so it is more efficient in terms of energy consumption


After getting hold of all the LED light fixtures offered by LED post top area light manufacturers, you’ll surely be able to identify the one according to your requirement.