Linear High Bay Lights For Aisle

LED Linear High Bay Light

LED linear high bay light,precision die-cast aluminum case 1-10V dimmable 100W, 150W, 200W,240W, 320W available.

LED linear high bay light
  • 100W, 150W, 200W,240W, 320W
  • AC120-277V /100-347V
  • Integrated housing, no need assembly
  • Easy mounting with chain, you can also choose pendant or surface mounting
  • 1-10V dimmable, microwave sensor and emergency battery backup optional


Precision Die-cast Aluminum Case

Precision die-cast aluminum case and high-efficiency radiator heat sink,it can be installed with a sling,easy to install.

linear high bay light
LED linear high bay light


Quality Assurance

MEAN WELL power supply + Epistar 2835 chip, light weight, 1-10V dimmable,


High light transmission

Excellent milky white frosted cover, high light transmittance, no yellowing or discoloration

linear LED high bay light

The increasing pace of globalization has brought numerous changes in every field of life. The impact was apparent when changes were incorporated into the machinery. Huge machines turn out to be compact with better technology. Time and need modified the bigger machines into smaller ones to make lives more comfortable. 

Similarly, the lights of the warehouses, industries, and factories turned into smaller sizes. Even though LEDs reduced power consumption drastically, they provided better illumination to the workplaces or desired area. LED Linear High Bay Lights are a stellar way of illuminating your workplaces and warehouses with reduced power consumption. You can select LED Linear High Bay Lights from the diversified collection.

You can trust these lights for lighting up commercial places. Surely they will be the most reliable and highly effective method for lighting. It is difficult and inconvenient for everyone to keep on replacing and changing the lights. Thus, this sort of disturbance is not preferable in modern times when we can choose more efficient and long-life light bulbs.

Do You Know About LED Linear High Bay Lights?

LED’s are known as light-emitting diodes. The packaging of them in a single housing is called LED Linear Lighting. This light strip of multiple LEDs in narrow and long housing has a relatively simple design. The LED usages in the lighting applications were revolutionized. Moreover, in modern times, they are economical due to the easy availability of the materials.

High bay ceilings need fixtures with thoughtful designs to enlighten the area. The combination of the exceptional power of LED with the overall design provides suitable lighting solutions. These LED Linear High Bay Lights are affordable, high functioning, and the perfect practical solution. This extensive range offers a cost-effective option.

Not only do these LED lights have less consumption of energy that cut down the costs of utility bills, they even offer greater longevity with more burning hours in contrast to the fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. 

Many of the bulb models may burn up for more than 50,000 hours. You may consider the other benefit of LED lights in contrast to other collections of bulbs, which is the lower temperature. Since you can switch them on for hours, they are an ideal choice for workplaces without any issues.

Types of LED Linear High Bay Lights

You must know your needs to figure out the kind of LED linear high bay lights you would buy. LED Linear high bay lights manufacturers offer all types of efficient and uniform lighting. The only difference which lies in the fixtures is the difference in power consumption.

  • 100W LED Linear High Bay Light

This light is a highly preferred way for indoor illuminations like warehouses and garages because it offers 13600 Lumens, almost 135LM per watt. It shows you can opt for this type if you are looking for illumination ways for smaller areas and high roofs, along with cost-effectiveness and efficiency. 

  • 150W LED Linear High Bay Light

Moreover, this choice is a good option if you wish for coverage of wide areas. You will love it when they emit 24000 Lumens or 5300K daylight white, which is almost 140LM per watt. They will reduce your electricity bills by 80%. They are perfect for adding light to warehouses, garages, industrial areas, and factory buildings. 

  • 200W LED Linear High Bay Light

You can select this power if you wish for high lumen output. LED Linear high bay lights manufacturers provide 26000 Lumens. You can use them for indoor lighting of the gymnasium, exhibition halls, toll booths, warehouses, and railway platforms. 

  • 300W LED Linear High Bay Light

If you still have not gotten a perfect solution to match your needs, this type may work for you. It provides a high luminosity of 40000 Lumens. Since it is eco-friendly, the beam has no IR, UV, or mercury. Remember that its power consumption will be 65% because this type of high bay light consumes more energy.

After this an in-depth comparison of the high bay lights and its complete details, you will definitely be able to choose the best type according to your needs and requirements.