LED High Bay Lights For Grow Light

1#LED Deformable Plant Light For Indoor Plant Growth

This LED Plant light adopts super shape with high lumen output. three aluminum LED heads are adjustable. They are can be folded up to 90°,this will make the light cover a wide area.It is suitable for indoor plant growth.

2#4000W,5000W Full Spectrum LED High Bay Grow Light

This LED grow light has this advantages of no shadow and in excellent condition, energy saving, low power consumption, long life expectancy,low heating, safe and durable.4000W and 5000W power optional.
It has three work mode including:VEG,bloom and full-open mode,suitable for various flower plants and various vegetable plants.

3#Quantum Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights For Indoor Plants

This quantum grow light adopts high brightness LED chip,it is suitable for all indoor growing environment: grow tent, grow room; best for growth and bloom stage.

Can I Use Any LED High Bay Lights For Grow Light?

There are a lot of people who find it quite confusing that whether they can use LED lights to grow plants or not. Having high bay LED lights also requires to answer the same question because of their heavy duty work. So, according to a number of led lights manufacturer experts, high bay lights are one of the best sources to be used for growth of plants.

Along with COB LED growth lights, high bay fixtures have emerged as one of the best and modern LED lights for plantation needs. Since these fixtures are install at commercial or industrial areas, your job is to make sure that they emit full-spectrum light and give favorable condition to plants to grow properly. Other than that, here is what you need to consider.

LED Spectrum Requirements
Since plants carry out a natural life cycle known as photosynthesis, they need enough light energy for absorption so that there will be no hindrance in the process. They also need energy from glucose sugar as it plays an important role in ensuring proper growth of the plants. But, what if you are growing them indoors? Would you be able to provide enough natural light to keep the process going? Obviously, you cannot make it happen all of the sudden until you go for an alternate. Yes, it is no better option than high bay lights because they are designed for heavy duty work and have the ability to provide enough light energy to keep the growth process going.

If you want to grow weed plants, then you can blindly trust high bay LED lights. With different requirements for sustainability, you will have to provide a properly illuminated environment to weed plants. Don’t think that conventional LED lights can get the job done; you will have to go for high bay lights only. Since weed plants want natural light, it is recommended to have yellow lights because of their wavelengths close to sunlight.

Here, the worth mentioning fact is that many brands manipulate with the sunlight spectrum and try to produce real-world effects. Lights with blue spectrum are ideal for plants that undergo vegetation stage. This is when, cannabis plants need light to grow appropriately, which produces purple effects against blue spectrum for plant growth.

On the contrary, if you carry out plantation during flowering season, then the red spectrum is what you should be getting. Though, don’t forget to also add blue light strips to let the plants produce heavyweight flowers and resin upon harvesting.

If you are confused about which spectrum to go for, then do some research on your own and make the right decision.

Wrapping Up
Upon the research, you will come to the conclusion that any type of high bay lights can be used to grow plants. There are no hard and fast rules to select the right grow lights. All you need to do is to consider the type of plants and the space where they will be growing. High bay fixtures will handle the rest of the work,are you aolso want to know Can LED Strip Lights be Used as Grow Lights?