LED High Bay Lights Spacing and Layout Calculator

High bay LED lights have emerged as a better and efficient alternative of fluorescent and halogen lamps. They work faster and last for a longer time period i.e. over 200,000 hours. Designed to work on less energy (of around 151 lumens), high bay LEDs are the brightest. Their optical lighting system prides is of the best quality that helps to save up to 60 percent of energy without incurring much expenses.

led high bay lights
  • High bay LED Lights Layout Calculator

When it comes to understanding the Lighting Design Calculator or Lighting Plan for high bay LED lights, you should always be sure about its significance. Since it is a Photometric Lighting Analysis for indoor areas, the focus will be indoor places- be it for a residential property or a commercial one.

The software will process the data by calculating light levels to generate a precise visual layout report. This report will explain all the calculation points discussing the foot candle reading so that you can come up with the right decision at the right time.

  • High Bay Optics

As a matter of fact, each high bay LED light is different from the other and therefore, you cannot expect them to be having the same efficiency, optics and watts as you might have tried earlier. The high bay lights LED calculator will also ascertain this fact because it is something there will always be varied LED lighting supply, which eventually affects the photometric lighting plans.

Don’t think that all these factors would restrict high bay lights from working properly. Rather, they are the source of ensuring the level of performance every time you will buy them. The photometric calculation software is responsible to explain the efficiency level of each LED light. Basically, they work as the visual representation of foot candle readings at various areas. Also, it is capable of explaining the average light levels along with light spread within a certain area.

  • High Bay Light Spacing

The term high bay light space refers to the distance between light fixtures. It is responsible to dictate the optimal light level and lighting distribution. It is not something you have to struggle for, why? Because there is a standard rule for light spacing: basically, the height of LEDs is referred to as the space between them. For instance:

Lights mounted at 20-ft are required to be 20-ft apart

Lights mounted at 35-ft are required to be 35-ft apart

All you need to do is to follow a general rule along with the results of high bay LED lights calculator and things will turn out as per your expectations.

  • High Bay LED Lights Layout Calculator

The next worth considering factor is high bay LED lights layout calculator, which requires a lot of care and expertise. It is one of the important elements to ensure successful installation of high bay LED lights.

To begin with, you will have to measure the height, length and width (in feet) of the place in order to get an idea of the quantity of high bay LED lights needed to illuminate it. Here, you will have to evaluate the lumen output of the lighting fixture as well. You will have to put them into test and see how they will perform. The third and last important factor is the food candles that will be the deciding factor for the approximate quantity of fixtures to be used to get the desired foot candle level.

Note that the high bay LED lights calculator is designed to work as a layout approximation tool. It can never replace a photometric design or lighting plan. It cannot highlight light distribution ability, light placement, foot candle ratios or the type of optic used. So, it is better to just take it as a direction.

How many led high bay lights do I need?

There have many applications for led high bay lights, such as LED plant growth lights, warehouse lighting, etc. But how many led high bay lights do I need to meet my lighting application? Reasonable high bay lights layout can not only maximize cost savings, but also avoid unnecessary energy waste.

Therefore, we need to plan carefully to choose the right number of led high bay lights before installing them, you can take priority to consulting professional lighting experts to help you solve this problem. If you like, you also can read this guide to estimate how many led high bay lights you need.

Suppose you are an online wholesale business owner like –wholesalecrystalsupplier.com, and you want to install LED high bay lights in your wholesale crystals warehouse . there are two solutions: One is that you need to replace the old metal halide light, and the other is you need to install new lights.

Replace install application

In the process of replacing and upgrading, we need to understand that LED high bay lights are known for energy saving, so it will require less energy consumption in the same lumen brightness, in other words, less power.


The brightness of 1000W metal halide light is equivalent to that of 400W LED high bay lights. Therefore, in an area where the total lighting brightness needs 8000 watts, we only need to install 8 piece of 400W LED high bay light instead of 8 piece of 1000W metal halide light.

New application

The height of the lighting area affects what kind of lumen output we need.

10-15 feet high, requires 10,000-15,000 lumens of lights

15-20 feet high, requires 16,000 to 20,000 lumens of lights

25-35 feet high, requires 33,000 lumens of lights

In addition to the height factor, the spacing of LED high bay light is also an important factor. If the lights are installed too densely, it will increase your cost, and if too wide, it will cause insufficient lighting.

In general, at a height of 15 feet will obtain sufficient brightness in a space of about 12 feet. If a space of 15 feet, it will be normal light . Similarly, at a height of 20 feet will obtain sufficient brightness in a space of 15 feet, normal brightness will be obtained at 18 feet, and  at 30 feet high will obtain sufficient brightness at 20 feet space,It will be normal lighting in a space of 25 feet space.

What is the best spacing for LED High Bay Lights?

There are  different types of LED high bay lights and  in the market,each light comes with different wattage and lumens,such as:

60 watts with 8100 lumens

100 watts with 13000~ 14000 lumens

150 watts with 20000~21000 lumens

200 watts with 27000~ 28000 lumens

250 watts with 30000~ 35000 lumens

Although we know the wattage and brightness of the led high bay lights, we still can’t determine the best spacing.Therefore, we need to consider other factors such as installation height,each light with different watts applying space:

For 0 – 9 feet we recommend 60 watts.

For 10 – 13 feet we recommend 100 watts.

For 14 – 17 feet we recommend 150 watts.

For 18 – 20 feet we recommend 200 watts.

For 21 feet or more we recommend 250 watts

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How far should high bay lights be in application?

When we choose LED high bay lights as our lighting application, we need to consider the installation distance and lighting space before application. There are about three situations, such as:

1. 15 to 19 feet height

If you want enough lighting in the factory space, please keep the distance between the led high bay lights about 10 to 12 feet far. If you want normal lighting, the ideal  space should be kept at 14 feet, they can provide more uniform lighting.

2. 20 to 29 feet height

If you want enough lighting in the factory space, please keep the distance between the lights about 18 to 20 feet. If you want normal lighting, the ideal lighting space should be kept at 14 feet. Due to the higher application, higher power high bay lights are required.

3. 30 feet or higher

If you have a very high warehouse, please keep the light spacing within 20 feet to get bright light. However, under normal light conditions, a spacing of 25 feet is appropriate. In this case, we need to install LED high bay lights of 400 to 1000 watts to provide sufficient brightness.

How to layout LED high bay lights?

The best way to layout LED high bay lights is to ensure good light around the working environment. It not only makes workers feel safe but also minimizes the number of accidents and failures.

Again, it is also important to have sufficient and uniform light in the work area. Other factors include high luminous flux and color temperature. In general, when install light, we need to consider these:

1.Type of lighting

Choose a reasonable lighting type. For example: local lighting, general lighting or mixed lighting.

2. Light selection

Be sure which  type of lights is more suitable for your application, remember to choose led lights with safe, easy to maintain, waterproof, dustproof, or LED explosion-proof.