LED Flood Light Vs Street Light,What is the Difference

LED lights are everywhere in the lighting system. Which light is best for street light? Is it a floodlight? What is the difference between floodlights and street lights? what are the applications and how to choose? In this article we will explore one by one.

What is a flood light?

Floodlight is a kind of wide beam angle and powerful light fixture. It can emit light evenly in all directions and adjust the range within the lighting area. The light shell is made of aluminum alloy die-casting. There are compact, small size, high sealing, waterproof and dustproof, which is commonly used in outdoor stadiums, squares, trees, and parking lots. , building exterior walls, etc.LED floodlights have a higher lumen per watt output than any other due to its highly energy efficient.

What is a street light?

A street light or street lamp is a raised source of light on the edge of a road or path,illuminate roadways, parking lots, sidewalks, and other public areas.Compare to floodlight,it is a narrow beam light fixture that always aimed at a particular direction on the road surface.

From the above introduction, we obviously know that their application are different, and the main difference is the beam angle.

What is the beam angle?

The beam angle refers to the angle formed by the point where the light intensity reaches 50% of the center light intensity and the center light intensity point, which is commonly used to describe the category of floodlights. If the same light source is used in reflectors with different angles, the larger the beam angle, the smaller the central light intensity. Similarly, the smaller the beam angle, the smaller the scattering.

Generally speaking,

narrow beam:beam angle <20 degrees;

medium beam: beam angle 20-40 degrees;

wide beam: beam angle> 40 degrees;

Different application of led flood light and street light 

Why use flood light?

This is a high-quality high-brightness floodlight, which uses high-color rendering LED chips with uniform light emission, ABS+Aluminum dissipates heat faster,can be wall-mounted, ground-mounted, ceiling-mounted, high pole-mounted, IP67 waterproof level makes it is suitable for indoor and outdoor flood lights.

LED flood light can emit light evenly in all directions and adjust the range freely within the lighting area. The wider beam of flood lights is used in a variety of large outdoor and indoor areas.

Factories and manufacturing facility need high-power floodlight lighting systems to meet the requirement of production work. Usually these places are 24*7 hour workplaces, and long-term operation requires a good lighting system.

Outdoor sports are another scene where floodlights are used. They are waterproof and dustproof, and high bright light fixture,which can ensure the safety of athletes and make them  exert skills better . Floodlights illuminate these large areas as if they are during the day without time limited.Moreover, better improve the profit capabilities of the stadium.

Commercial buildings or monuments are the represent of modern aesthetics and cultural values. Using floodlights to illuminate these buildings at night is beneficial for enriching people’s visual experience and display the solemnity and splendor of the monuments.

LED floodlights can also be used in more occasions, such as restaurants, garages, ports, courtyards, etc. evenly illuminate a large area,which are one of the indispensable light fixture in life

Why use street light?

This LED street light adopts premium grade LED components. It constructed of a heavy duty die-cast aluminum housing and full sealing for resistance of rust, corrosion and contaminants, Heat dissipation is optimized with an integral secondary heat sink which ensure 50000 Hours lifespan.

Road street light is a very important light fixture,which can not only illuminate the road to improve the driver’s recognition ability and reduce the occurrence of night accidents, but also help passerby find the correct direction in the dark and improve personal safety.

Road street light is not only used at night. When encounter bad weather, such as heavy mist, sand and dust and other low visibility conditions, it can also be turned on during the day to improve road visibility and reduce accidents.

Commercial street lights can not only facilitate people’s night shopping, but also enhance the atmosphere and improve the quality of life.

Community street lights can also extend the lighting time to maximize activity participation and enhance happiness.

Night and light, a street light allows people to remove the fear of darkness and enjoy life happily.

Different cost of led flood light and street light 

Floodlight cost

Due to a variety of applications and power ranges (commonly 10W to 500W), the price of LED floodlights varies greatly. The lowest price may be less than $3 when buy a low-power floodlight, while commercial high power floodlights may cost thousands of dollars.

Generally speaking, the price of ordinary floodlights per watts is between 3 and 5 USD per watt, and high-end 5-10 USD per watt.The price of floodlight poles ranges from US$70 to US$250 depending on different sizes and materials. The labor cost of installing outdoor floodlights varies greatly in different regions.

Street cost

The cost of installing street lights varies with the type of light fixture and size of the power supply. If you use a 100W LED street light, you need to spend at least US$120 for the light fixture, while a standard street light pole is between 2100-3500 US dollars. The labor cost of installing a street light is different in different regions.You can also use solar street lights if you use at home.

This is an outdoor solar sensor street light, which can be controlled by remote control.It has heat resistance and IP65 Waterproof function can fully protect circuit and rechargeable battery, and also withstand bad weather in a long time.

Different Power of led flood light and street light 

Due to the large difference between the lighting distance and area of LED floodlights, there are low-power and high-power floodlights,and the common power is between 10W-500W.

While the power of LED street lights be determined depend on the conditions of the road. The different height of the street light pole uses different power, such as 30W~60W LED for 6 meter, 860W~100W LED for 8 meter, the power is generally less than 120W.

Comparison Street Light and Flood Lights:

TypeLED Flood lightLED Street light
Light directionadjustablefixed
Beam anglewidenarrow
Common Power10w-500w30w-120W
Installation height0-10 meter6-12 meter
Work time per day0-24 hours6-8 hours
lifespan>50,000hours25000-80000 Hours
Color temperature3,000-4,000K2,5000-6,500K

Wrapping up

In this article, we have introduced what are floodlights, what are street lights, and their applications. The main difference is that floodlights are designed to illuminate a wider indoor and outdoor opening area, such indoor sparking lots or open space or outdoor sports field, etc. Street light,as the name suggests,street lamps are used to illuminate the road. Generally speaking, the installation cost of each street light is higher, because the cost of the light pole is not cheap, while the floodlight can be installed on the pole or other heights place. Moreover,the flood light can emit light in every direction, and the lighting range can be changed if necessary, but the street light is fixed after installation.If you are interested in viewing more high bay light vs floodlight.