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We offer a variety of led stadium lights to meet the different lighting requiremment of the stadium (football, basketball, badmination,tennis,ping pong) and the arena applications, keeping good quality light to illuminate these sport area while decreasing the light scattering that causes light pollution. The led stadium lights save up to 88% in energy consumption and redecue your electricity bil. High-quality heat dissipation radiators extend leds lifepsan up to 50,000 hours. Our durable LED stadium lights also can be used for outdoor and indoor led lighting, such as parking lot, warehouse, park, street, loading port, airport, safe area, highway.

When it comes to choosing the right LED flood lights for the stadium, the first and foremost thing to know whether the stadium is indoor or outdoor. Since every game has its own nature and requirement for the stadium, the level of lighting needs to be adjusted in the same way. For instance, the type or brightness level that you will choose for a football stadium, would be different from the one chosen for tennis. So, in order to choose the right type of LED light for sport field, below is the basic information you must have:

LED Stadium Lights Application

Sports is the form of physical activity that involve many people as teams who must have certain skills and expertise to compete with each other for a reward. Just like a workplace that drives business, sports also need a space dedicated for the activities, called stadium, where all facilities and services are available for players or participants to give their best shot for the prize. Among all facilities, lighting turns out to be one of the crucial elements without which, no one can play properly.

led floodlight for sports

With that being said, manufacturers have come up with the option of LED stadium lights that offer sufficient artificial lighting, similar to the natural lighting, thereby letting teams to play even at night. But, have you ever thought what would happen if lighting is not proper? How to ensure that the chosen lights are suitable for the stadium and sports’ requirements? Let’s find out now:

  • Football Stadium Lights: Proper lighting in the football stadium is not just helpful for players but will also facilitate management and crowd. LED flood lights will provide flexibility of schedule along with ensuring safety of the crowd and better viewership as people will be able to see their favorite players in action without any struggle. However, you will have to choose from permanent or temporary lighting options. The latter is designed as the self-contained unit for mobility and availability at different venues while on the other hand, permanent lights are fixed on large poles/sticks.
  • Cricket Stadium Lights: According to the LED flood lights manufacturer, the right degree of brightness can bring a huge difference in lighting of the stadium. Not only LED floodlights will give natural feel but will turn out to be energy efficient and informed about how to do lamp-color rendition.
  • Baseball Field Lights: Baseball is one of those distinctive parts of the sports world that are always ready to bring excitement and uniqueness to the world. When lighting is proper, there will be optimum protection of athletes, flexibility for practices and games, and most importantly, don’t let fans to miss even a single moment. Though, if you are up to lighting a commercial ball area or family batting cage, then don’t forget to estimate the budget and maintenance expenditures.
  • Hockey Court Lights: Since hockey is one of those games where players have to be quick and responsive, LED lights for sports field need to be of high quality to ensure uniform distribution of lighting with appropriate color temperature as that of daylight.
  • Tennis Court Lights: Since tennis involves a limited area and audience, there is no need to search for mobility of the light. Rather, the brightness has to be high so that the ball can be seen clearly, no matter how fast it moves.

Are stadium lights LED?

For a long time, the stadium  has been using metal halide light to illuminate the stadium area. However, due to the development of LED technology, the power of LED light is gradually increasing. So, more and more traditional lights are replaced with LEDs due to its high efficiency and energy saving, but not all stadium lights are LED, and some are still using traditional lights.

Which light are use in sports stadium?

Most stadium and and indoor arenas lighting systems use high-power HID lamps or LEDs lights to meet the requirements of lighting brightness. Generally speaking, because the stadium is tall, larger and opening spacing, the wattage of the light  fixture in such a large area is higher than that of other indoor or outdoor lighting fixtures.

Traditional light such as high-power metal halide lights, initial lumen output is about 100lm/W. We also consider maintenance factor of 0.7 to 0.8 in application.Moreover, most light decay of more than 30% after 2 to 3 years, not only the loss output of the light source itself,but also includes factors such as oxidation of the lamp itself, poor sealing, pollution,etc., the actual lumen output is only 70lm/W.

Compared with traditional light sources, LEDs can save energy by 50% to 70%. With the advantages of low power consumption, adjustable color quality, flexible control, and instant lighting, LED lights are more suitable for stadium lighting. For example, our sports stadium light have an efficiency of 110-130 lm/W and lifespan up to 5000 hours, ensuring a constant and uniformity of illuminance in the sports, avoiding the increase the cost of lighting fixture due to the attenuation of illuminance and reducing the power consumption of light fixture.

How many watts are stadium lights?

How many watts do I need to illuminate my stadium depends on many factors,such as: the type of light fixture, the area of the stadium, the height of the ceiling and the height of the light poles, etc., all that will affect the total wattage of the stadium.

If the illuminance standards for stadium are different, and the required wattage is also different. For example, some only need 1000 lux, and some may need 3000 lux. Generally speaking, for a standard football field, at least 40,000 watts to 200,000 watts floodlights required.

If you installed a metal halide light, because its light efficiency is lower than LED,so the wattage of HID light is higher than that of LED light.If you want replace them with LED light, it will need less wattage. Click here to view how to convert metal halide light to LED. If you are planning to find a new stadium lighting, it is recommended to use LEDs lights,it should be lower the operation cost.

How Many Lumens do Sports Lighting Need?

The lighting requirements for different levels of stadium are different.If the stadium is used for important events broadcast live. To obtain high-quality images, the camera’s requirements for stadium lighting are much higher than that of ordinary stadium. For example, for the national live stadium, the vertical illuminance of the main camera is more than 1000 lux,while the illuminance of some football clubs football stadium is  about 150 lux. The requirements are much lower. The table below shows the reference lumens for football field with dimensions 100 meters long, 64 meters wide:

Lighting requirementslumens
75 lux for recreational or training480,000 lm
200 lux for semi-professional stadiums1280,000 lm
1000 lux for televising the events6400,000 lm

Basketball court with dimensions: 28 meters long, 15 meters wide

 TypeLighting requirementlumens

According to the above illuminance requirements and  the lumens of LED light, we can choose the correct wattage:

LED stadium lightLumensMetal Halide Equivalent
500W70,000Lumen1000 to 2000W
800W112,00lumen1600 to 2500W
1000W14,000lumen2000 to 3500W
1500W210,00lumen3000 to 5000W
4000W560,000lumen6000 to 10,000W

How much do stadium LED lights cost?

The price of LED floodlights for stadium is determined by many factors, such as LED chips, led drivers, led power, etc. For example, the price of 1000W LED floodlights ranges from $500 to $1,000.

For a common high school stadium, the total cost is ranged from $38,000 to $90,000, which depends on the LED brand etc.

Wrapping Up

There are various other types of stadiums that will need to have specific floodlights. Your job is to figure out which one to choose with respect to the area, size of stadium and type of sport to be played. 

In this article, we have introduced the types of stadium LED lights, why choose LEDs, the different standards of stadium illuminance, how to choose the wattage and lumens of LED light, and the approximate cost of installing stadium slight. If you want more information on stadium lighting solution, please free to contact us.