Gas Station LED Canopy Light

LED Canopy Light

Gas station,gymnasium factory etc ceiling lighting solution,IP65,durable chip,50W/75W available.

LED canopy light
  • 50W, 75W Power Available
  • High brightness SMD >100lm/W, 3030 SMD;
  • Isolated constant current led driver, the light work stably;
  • CCT: Warm white 2700, 3000K; Pure white 4000-4500K; Cool white 6000-6500K;
  • Pf>0.95 CRI≥80;
  • Beam angle: 120degree;
  • Input Voltage: AC 100-277V/50-60Hz.

optimal heat sinking

Replace conventional gas station canopy lights,Precision die-cast aluminum housing,cast aluminum thermal management for optimal heat sinking.

LED canopy light cover
LED canopy light

Flat and drop lens

Durable chip,high quality LEDs and fade resistant powder coat finish.Flat lens and drop lens for choose mounted to standrard junction boxes

LED canopy light size
LED canopy light size
LED canopy light size
LED canopy light size

LED Canopy Lights for Industrial and Commercial Applications

LED canopy lights are designed to work for both indoor and outdoor places. They are not only capable of illuminating the entire space but also leave users with the satisfaction of making the right decision. They are particularly installed at commercial and industrial areas in the form of pendant, surface or recessed-mounted. They enable users to carry out activities in perfect lighting, irrespective of at what time they are working.

Since LED canopy lights are available in myriads of shapes, mounting types and fixture sizes, they can ideal for commercial and industrial applications. All you need to do is to figure out when and where they should be installed to reap all the benefits. But, before you actually get yourself into buying LED canopy lights, here are some facts to take into consideration;

Difference From Other Commercial Lights

Most of the commercial and industrial lighting fixtures work on HID or high intensity discharge lamps. Whether the place has building lights or wall pack lights, you would find either high pressure sodium, metal halide or mercury vapor lamps. While they were famous and top rated a few years ago, you cannot rely upon their performance today. So, what you should be doing is to get them replaced with LED canopy lighting fixtures because nothing is more promising than these lights.

Energy Consumption

The best thing about LED lights is the reduction in energy consumption, which ranges between 33 watts and 100 watts, thereby bringing up to 60% decrease in the amount you have been paying with old fluorescent bulbs.

Maintenance Expenditures

With respect to how LEDs used to product light, they are expected to remain functional for a significantly longer time as compared to the rest of the options available. Rather than decreasing performance as the fuel source declines, they promise to keep themselves functional and performance oriented for a longer time period. Their functional life is usually 100,000 hours or even more, which doesn’t need frequent maintenance for months.

Lighting Capability

With multi-point design, the LED canopy lights manufacturer used to declare these lighting fixtures the perfect choice for large areas. They provide an evenly distributed light pattern, which ensures that there is least or no variation in light intensity as the distance from the fixture increases. In other words, their lighting capability is way better than HIDs. Also, they are available in myriads of color temperatures that allow users to play with their visual perception with respect to brightness. you are free to use them in whatever way you want.

When is the Right Time to Work on Industrial and Commercial Lighting?

The first and foremost step is to speak with an industry expert who is neutral in opinion and can suggest a professional LED canopy light manufacturer. Yes, you have to consult with that individual since you don’t have enough exposure and knowledge about the technical aspects of selecting the right LED canopy light type. The individual will first listen to your requirements and may pay a visit to your property just to get an idea of which light option would go well.

Remember that not all options can yield the desired results. You have to be particular about your requirements in order to narrow down the range of options. This way, it would be quite easy for you to make a selection.