Parking lot light,Outdoor Street Light

LED Area Light Shoebox

Economical parking lot,street shoebox fixtures lighting solution, EPISTAR 3030 chip,Precision aluminum press 35W/75W/100W/150W/200W/300W available.

led area light
  • 35W, 75W,100W,150W, 200W,300W
  • High brightness SMD >125lm/W, Epistar 3030 SMD;
  • Isolated constant current led driver, the light work stably;
  • CCT: Warm white 2700, 3000K; Pure white 4000-4500K; Cool white 6000-6500K;
  • Pf>0.95 CRI≥80;
  • Beam angle: 180degree;
  • Input Voltage: AC 100-277V/50-60Hz.



Precision Aluminum case

The case is made of precision thick aluminum material,Durable, waterproof and rust-proof and high-quality

led area light
led area light



Overvoltage protection

High-quality LED drive power, overload and less-voltage protection, high precision control the circuit to ensure voltage stability



High Protection

IP65 grade, the lamp body with sealed design, waterproof and moisture-proof and longer lifespan.

led area light
led area light



Adjustable angle

±45 degree adjustable scale line, clearly indicating the angle position

The LED Shoebox Light, also known as the led area light, is a heavy die casting aluminum alloy that comes with an adjustable bracket and can be mounted on a pole to be used as a street light parking lots or at various other places. Which includes parking lots, outdoor areas, gas stations and in parking garages.


These shoebox or pole lights are super bright and have various ways in which they can be mounted which are wall mounting, bracket mounting and pole mounting etc. They often come with an adjustable bracket which depends on the LED area light manufacturer you choose. They have a heavy die-cast aluminum alloy which makes them extra strong and can be equipped with a photocell sensor which means automatic on and off depending on the light availability in the surroundings.

They also come with a five year warranty which makes them very cost-effective. The pole mounted LED parking light fixture can be angled up or down from -30~+30 degree with an adjustable Arm mount. Ideal for basketball court, tennis court, stadium, parking lot, roadways and large areas of general lighting.

The material used by LED area light manufacturers is heavy die-casting aluminum alloy. The light color can range from warm white, natural white, to cool white depending upon your own preference. The lens used in an LED Shoebox Light is an optical PC lens, with a 95% light transmission which is glare free, they provide a high luminaire efficiency which means that a 100W LED street light can easily replace a 400W metal halide street light.

The IP rating of a pole light is IP65. The suggested lamp pole height for using an LED shoebox light is 8-10m and the suggested spacing or distance between the two lamp poles with an LED parking light is 40-45m. They are designed to stand up to rust, corrosion, and cracking or any electrical shocks or fires due to moisture, designed for both wet and damp environments.

Applications of an LED area Light

Such a light can be installed on either one side of the road or both and also suitable for gardens, paths, sidewalks and can be used in courtyard lighting.

The parking lot LED shoebox lights have a maximum output of 19000lm, and its fixture uses high efficiency LED chips SMD3030 which can reach a 130lm/w and can save up to 75% of your electricity bill right after the installment. They can also reduce your running electricity cost meanwhile, providing you with a much more sustainable lighting solution. They have exceptional longevity because it uses components with high quality LED light. Constructed of a heavy duty die-cast aluminum housing with polyester powder-coated finish and complete sealing for rust, corrosion and contaminant resistance, heat dissipation is designed with an integrated secondary heat sink that guarantees a lifetime of 50000 Hours.

The IP65 ensures that the outdoor LED area light is waterproof. This shoebox fixture is IP65 waterproofed, which means it can handle all weather conditions: resist rain and moisture in outdoor condition.

They have wide applications and can be used in a lot of different ways. Street lighting can be commonly used as light parking lots, light on the driveway, light on the backyard, light on the residential area, light on the outdoor area , public entrances, light roads, footpaths, parking garages, gas station, highway lighting, park, sports lighting, square lighting and other outdoor lighting applications

The LED shoebox light manufactures ensure that they provide you with the kind of products that have been certified and have a warranty card. The security light outdoors is UL Listed and DLC checked for eligibility for protection and rebate. 5 Years warranty, NGT light line.