LED High Bay Lights VS LED Flood Lights,What is the Difference

If you are planning to replace the existing lights with a better and more efficient version, then go for either LED flood lights or LED high bay lights. Yes, these two options are capable of providing the required level of services without affecting your comfort and most importantly, aesthetics of the home. But before you give decision for either of them, it is crucial to have some basic knowledge about what are these lights and how they will be working for your needs.

What is a UFO LED high bay light?

led high bay light

UFO LED high bay light is a round shape LED light fixture, equipped with integrated high-efficiency heat-dissipating aluminum heat sink and high-reflectivity cover,and is known for its high efficiency and energy saving. It does not need to use a heavy reflector to output light to work area. The light directly emitted through optimized optical elements.  However, the traditional metal halide light is large and heavy, which does not match modern aesthetics. Moreover, a large number of aluminum reflectors are easily damaged during transportation. Furthermore, a lot of ballasts are required, increasing the cost of electricity. UFO Compared with traditional lights, LED high bay light are more compact, energy-saving and efficient, with beautiful appearance and long lifespan, they are gradually replacing traditional lights,click here to know how to convert metal halide to LED.

Also referred to as LED high shed lights, high bay lights have emerged as a necessity for industrial buildings. These are a type of fixtures that are perfect for working areas like warehouse, factory, high shed, mine and the likes. You cannot place them at usual environment or residential places because their configurations are quite different from what you would normally find. They are particularly designed for corrosive and explosive places.

Spacing between lights

15 feet12 feet to 15 feet
20 feet15 feet to 18 feet
30 feet20 feet to 25 feet

The next worth considering thing about LED high bay lights is their availability in square and round shapes that keep themselves safe from heat dissipation. Nowadays, these high bay lighting fixtures are mounted on 1W big power lamp bead while there are a few companies who opt for 3W or higher lamp beads. They usually rely upon their heat dissipation technology, which is intended to keep things right at large-scale areas.

While talking about their types, they are divided into two categories with respect to the number of LED pods or size: 4-pod and 2-pod. The only and obvious reason is the number of pods available in each version on which high output LEDs are installed. 4-pod high bay lights are, therefore, better because they provide better illumination than 2-pod.

The next worth considering feature to choose high bay fixtures over flood lights is their 82 lpw efficiency. Although it is lower than LED prototypes, which produce 200 lpw, these LED fixtures are still good to lighten up a large warehouse. In addition to this, they add aesthetic values to the place as well. With their multi-color lights, LED high bay lights promise to give that glow and beauty to the area. Here, the thing to mention is that most of the LEDs emit white light while some produce warm white (3000 K) or neutral white (4000 K).

Height and lumens

10-15 feet10,000-15,000 lumen
15-20 feet160,000-20,000 lumen
15-30 feet33,000 lumen


UFO led high bay lights are very suitable for illuminating large areas with high ceiling. Because the space is large and high, the lighting fixtures should be sufficient power required to produce enough illuminance to meet the lighting requirement.

High bay lights are usually hung on the ceiling by hooks, chains or pendants,which is used for a large number of industries , such as:

Manufacturing facilities.

Industrial facilities.

Municipal facilities, such as community centers or recreation centers.

Airport hangars or any large open area industrial and commercial spaces with high ceilings

Schools and university gymnasiums.

Commercial applications such as department stores.

What is a LED Flood Light


LED flood lights are designed in such a way that they lighten the entire space in the surroundings. The thing that makes them preferable over LED high bay fixtures is their ability to adjust angles as per the requirements. They are perfect for design sketch production, where there is the need to lighten up the whole scene.

Here, it is necessary to clear one thing that LED flood lights belong to a different group as compared to spot lights. Their light beam is diffused anywhere across the area, thereby creating transparent and gently shadows of the objects. Likewise, if you are planning to use them for object lighting, then be sure that flood lights will work as a source with no shadow because their speed is slower than that of spot lights.

Their ability to adjust the light beam angle is the only similarity with spotlights while their flexibility is way higher than other options available for commercial purpose. LED floodlights also have degree scale plates that are responsible for light beam adjustment, which ensures one thing that you can always get the desired intensity and focus as you want.


Flood lights are wide beamed, powerful lights often used to illuminate outdoor application while an outdoor sports event.

Flood light is a good choice for lighting and decoration of squares,  parks, arts venues,construction sites.

Flood light is also used for subway stations,golf courses, shops,factory buildings, gas stations, buildings, stadiums, hotels.

Sculptures and other indoor and outdoor applications.

Difference Between High Bay Lights and Flood lights

Although both high-power LED high bay lights and LED flood lights are known for their energy saving and wide applications, they have many differences.

The Different Beam Angle

There is a wider beam angle available for the floodlights,including 120, 90, and 45 or 30, 160 and other angles,while the LED high bay light is usually 120 ,90 or 60 degrees beam angle.

High Bay light beam angle for different heights

Beam angleCeiling height
60°8 to 12 meter
90°6 to 8 meter
120°4 to 6 meter

The Different Application

Although they have a wide range of applications,and both can be used in the same place, the high bay lights are more used indoor area with high ceiling,and  the flood light is  prefer to outdoor application.

The Different Shapes

There are round(UFO) or linear shapes for high bay lights, among which linear high bay light can be designed to be long and thin, or long and wide. while floodlights are usually rectangular,click here to know more UFO vs linear high bay lights.

The Different light distribution

Due to their different shapes, the light distribution is also different. The UFO high bay lights are circular, and the brightness of the light gradually decreases from the center to the edge, while the linear high bay lights are evenly distributed with rectangular light, and the edge light intensity is sharply weakened. The floodlight is a point light source that can illuminate evenly in all directions, and its illumination range can be adjusted freely.


Now that features and facilities of both lighting fixtures have been discussed, it totally depends on your needs that which option would you go for. Both are good at their services but the decision is yours!