Wholesale Price List:How Much Does UFO High Bay LED Lights Cost?

To be honest, it’s not always possible to find reasonable yet quality source of industrial and indoor commercial lighting. Even, the problem can go worse if you don’t have sufficient knowledge of the fixtures beforehand as chances are high that you might end up making the wrong choice.

Being an wholesale crystals owner, and doing crystal wholesale business similar to this website, when you want to install some lighting fixtures for your crystal warehouse,if you are not getting the desired results then it’s for sure that you are not having the right source of lighting and it’s high time to do something now. LED UFO high bay lights are what should be at the place. Not only are they long lasting but can also reduce energy rates significantly.

led high bay light

Specifications Affecting The Price Of Led High Bay Light

Here, the thing to remember is that UFO high bay LED lights cost a bit high because they are not just one-time investment; rather, they pride themselves for providing the desired results in more visible and amazing ways. Though, being a first-time user, you must take a deeper look into their specifications and features due to which, they stand in a different price group as compared to their counterparts:

  • Brightness: Selecting LED UFO bay lights with the help of brightness can bring a huge difference in results. You will be able to find the best products this way and rest assured to meet the requirements of your place. Just make sure that you get lumen efficient lights for places that require detailed lighting.
  • Lumens Output: It is the light emitted by UFO high bay lights that is measured in Kelvin. The best part about LED bay lights is that they produce more lumens than other light sources like MH or traditional lights.
  • Wide Beam Angle: If you are going to replace lights in the industrial area, then remember that they should be having the brightness and most efficient UFO high bay lights. Since workers have to work in extreme conditions, it’s your responsibility to provide them all facilities to keep themselves safe from possible injuries. They must have wide beam angle so that the light can be distributed in a large area without compromising on visibility.
  • ETL or UL: When it comes to considering the UFO high bay LED lights cost, ETL and UL turn out to be one of the important factors to ensure that the fixtures will work properly. If your selected lighting fixtures are ETL or UL certified or listed, then be sure to have them installed wherever you want. But, do you know what they are? Basically, ETL and UL are referred to as Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories that explain the efficiency and performance of the lighting fixtures. Not all manufacturers manage to get their products registered under the title and therefore, you can rely upon their authenticity and accuracy to reap the benefits.
  • Number of UFO High Bay Lights Needed: Apart from the height, wattage and brightness of LED UFO high bay lights, it is necessary to figure out how many are you going to install in the place. Their number will also affect the LED light cost and total budget you will be going to spend.
UFO LED high bay Lights

Component Affecting The Price Of Led High Bay Light

There are a variety of LED high bay lights used for warehouse lighting,they have different appearance and price. For example, the price of 100w LED high bay light is as low as 70USD, and the highest one may reach 200USD. Why the price is so different?Is it just a brand factor?Le’s us explore Component factors affecting the price of LED high bay lights:

Heat dissipation outer covering

A scientific heat dissipation structure outer covering with sufficient materials,it will be helpful for dissipating heat generated by LED chip as fast as possible and delay aging of the LED chip when working at high temperature for a long time. Cheap high bay light outer covering may be very thin to save cost even if the appearance is beautiful.

If reducing the thickness of the heat dissipation shell  or the length of the rear radiator of the LED high bay light too much,it will greatly decrease the price of LED high bay lights due to less material used. However, there may be no  issue within one or a half years, but after one year, due to dust accumulation, aging, etc factor it will greatly reduce heat dissipation efficiency  and cause rapid aging or burnout of the LED chip.

LED chips

UFO LED high bay Lights

There are so many different brand of LED chips on the market. A good LED chip will provide sufficient lumens,good heat dissipation efficiency and higher packaging technology that can make the chip long-term keep working in a vacuum environment to greatly reduce the speed of aging. To reduce the price of LED high bay lights, some manufacturers may use low quality packaged LED chips,which may cause some other issues,such as: bad heat dissipation efficiency,low lumen, fast aging and chip encapsulation easily broken in high temperatures.Therefore, although the initial cost is cheap,it will increase the operation cost due to  the low light efficiency or increase the maintenance cost due to the lower lifespan.

LED high bay light power supply

In addition to the the outer and LED chip of the LED high bay light, another important factor affecting the price of the LED high bay light is the LED power supply. Generally, A high quality LED power supply is beneficial to provide constant current and prevent Dust-proof, moisture-proof and waterproof, and corrosion-resistant.Therefore,the quality of LED power supply is closely related to the lifespan of LED high bay lights. Some manufacturers may poorer power supplies  to reduce the price of LED high bay lights, which may cause unstable light emission of the chip and faster light decay.

If you choose a low price LED high bay light, although you can save initial cost, in the mid-term, it may cause higher the maintenance cost. For example,the installing height of LED high bay light is very high, replacing the LED  labor cost  is very also huge.Therefore,we should choose the right LED high bay lights instead of cheapest LED high bay lights.

UFO LED high bay Lights

Wholesale Price List of UFO LED high bay light

PowerLumensBeam angleEXW Price

The price of UFO LED high bay is for reference only according to the below conditions

1.Input Voltage: AC 100-277V/50-60Hz

2.LED Chips: Epistar 2835SMD/3030SMD ,

3.Material: Aluminum

4.Pf>0.95,CRI≥83,140-150lm/w,IP65 degree

5.Beam angle: 60°,90° and 120°

6.Certification:   ETL  DLC  CE  ROHS  SAA

What Is The Price of LED High Bay Light Cover

UFO LED high bay Lights cover

The price of led high bay light cover is about 15-20USD.There is different size for light cover ,including 120° and 60°, which are also called wide-angle light cover and spotlight light cover. How to choose a wide-angle light cover or a spotlight cover depends on your requirement,its function is to condense the light. The type of LED light over and the beam angle will directly affect the light-emitting area and effective light efficiency. There is much difference in the light-emitting area for wide-angle light cover and the spotlight cover.

How Much Is The Driving Power Supply For LED High Bay Lights?

There is different specifications and parameters of driving power supply from different manufacturers. The LED driving power supply should be match with power supply parameters of the LED high bay light,and the price range from 5USD to 20USD.

The lifespan of the LED light largely depends on the quality of the LED power supply. The LED high bay light is a a kind of high power LED light. The larger the power, the more the heat generation, and the more compact the components inside the LED power supply. If it do not remove heat as much as possible, it will cause temperature rising,resulting in fault.Therefore,the stability of the LED drive power supply is very important,too high or too low current also will affect the lifespan of LED high bay lights. Therefore, when choosing LED high bay lights, we should not only check the price of LED high bay lights , a high-quality drive power supply is essential.

Wrapping Up

After getting to know all these factors affecting the cost of UFO high bay lights, you should be able to come up with appropriate options. You must base your selection on the aforementioned factors so that nothing wrong can happen in the future.