Basketball Court Lights for Outdoor & Indoor(Height,Size,Layout)

Basketball is a sports activity that many people love,which can not only keep fitness, but also bring happiness. A good basketball court design is helpful for ensuring the normal running of the activity. Both indoor and outdoor courts need lighting fixture system, so which light is better for basketball stadium ? How many lumen? How much wattage and how to layout?

In this article, we will introduce the relevant knowledge of basketball court lighting design in detail.

Basketball court lighting pole height

There are below regulations for basketball courts:

1)The basketball court is a rectangular without obstacles.

2)The size of standard sports field is 28m length and 15m width.

3) The height of the ceiling or the lowest obstacle should be at least 7m.

4) All lines on the court should be very clear, with a line width of 0.05m.

From the third regulation, we can know that the height of the ceiling or the lowest obstacle should be at least 7 meters.

Then, according to this rule, we can apply it to the outdoor basketball court, getting the height light pole should be at least 7 meters.

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Outdoor basketball court lighting, HID or LED flood light?

Which light is better for basketball court lighting,metal halide light or LED floodlights? how to choose them? 

Metal halide light(HID) for basketball court

For a long time,metal halide lights are very popular as the lighting of outdoor basketball courts . With the advantages of high brightness, good luminous efficiency, and convenient maintenance,which are widely used in outdoor billboards, stations, docks, industrial,sports and other fields.

A standard outdoor basketball court (32×19 meters) comes with 4 -6 pieces of metal halide light(about 400W), which can  meet the requirement of basketball court lighting.


  • Long range lighting
  • Powerful penetrating
  • Good even light distribution


  • The power is relatively large
  • High energy consumption
  • Shorter lifespan

LED floodlight for basketball court

LED floodlights are becoming the mainstream choice for outdoor sports lighting due to their low power consumption, energy saving, small size, light weight and high luminous efficiency. It is also the modern society’s promotion of low carbon,and the soft light is more comfortable for visual experience. Compared with HID lights, LED floodlights have weaker light intensity and insufficient penetrating power.


  • Low power consumption
  • Small size
  • Light weight 
  • High luminous efficiency.


  • Weaker light intensity
  • Insufficient penetrating power

How to choose

It is prefer to choose LED floodlights as as outdoor basketball court lighting fixtures due to their low energy consumption and longer lifespan.However,different court sizes, light poles of heights, and court surrounding environments allow both HID light and LED light as outdoor basketball court lighting fixtures.

Outdoor basketball court lighting

There are professional and economic basketball court lighting solution for outdoor basketball court lighting installation  according to different illuminance standards.

As a professional basketball court light pole, we should choose a T-shaped basic structure instead of the outrigger structure  that commonly used street light pole.

For example,the outside basketball court area are 30×17 meters or 32×19 meters

Professional basketball court lighting solution:

outdoor basketball court lighting layout

We can use 6 piece of T-shaped light poles with a height of 6-8 meter to symmetrically arranged on the long sides of the court, that is, 3 piece of light poles are installed on each sideline.

For the position of the light poles, one is located on the center line of the stadium, and the other two light poles are placed at a vertical distance of 4.5 meters to 5 meters from the end line (short side) of the stadium,avoiding the light poles on the four corners or end lines of the stadium because of it will easily cause glare and player’s visual.

Economical basketball court lighting solution:

outdoor basketball court lighting layout

We can use 4 piece of light poles with a height of 6-8 meter to symmetrically place on both sides of the court,and the 4 piece of light poles are placed far away 5 meters to 6 meter from the end line. The light poles should be placed on 2 meters away from the sideline. If there are too close to the stadium, which may damage the athletes during the fierce competition. If there are too far distance,which may take the risk of cover the playing field lighting not enough.

Why use a large beam angle of basketball court LED light

Light beam angle are also very important to the lighting of basketball courts. The width of the basketball court including the space zone up to 19 meters. Therefore, We should chosoe LED floodlight with a beam angles of 90°-120°.Although the smaller beam angle is beneficial for increasing the projection distance of the light, it also limits the illumination range. Therefore, it should be place led floodlights with a larger beam angle on both sides.

The watts of basketball court LED lighting

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Both solutions use one light pole comes with two LED , that is, a total of 12 basketball court lights (power: 200W)  is required for professional basketball courts, and a total of 8 12 basketball court lights (power: 200W/300W) are required for economic basketball courts.

The requirement for outdoor light pole

Considering the load-bearing capacity and wind resistance of the light pole, the light pole diameter of basketball court lighting fixture should be higher than that of the street light pole. The upper diameter of the light pole for the basketball court should be 70mm, the lower diameter is 160-165mm, and the wall thickness is ≥3.0mm.

Indoor basketball court lighting

How many lights should be in indoor standard basketball court depends on the level of the stadium. According to the relevant regulations of the stadium lighting design.There are three levels Illuminance like below:

300lx Entertainment training
500lxOrdinary competitions
750lxProfessional competitions,

The higher the lighting level, the greater the number of lights and the greater the wattage.

Indoor basketball court lighting layout

Ceiling layout:The lighting fixture is installed symmetrically on the ceiling, and the light beam will vertically illuminate to the floor of basketball court,which are suitable for training halls, operating arenas, and gymnasiums for fitness.

Both sides layout:The basketball court lights are placed on both sides of the field,with the asymmetrical light distribution.When installed them on both sides, the angle between the aiming direction of the light and the vertical should be less than 65°.

Mixed layout: that is, combination of ceiling layout and two sides layout design. We should choose a variety of light fixture with the characteristics of ceiling and two sides to achieve light distribution uniformity, and improve horizontal and vertical illumination.

For example:

Most of the gymnasiums use the ceiling layout,below for your reference.

Overall stadium size: 34 meters length, 21 meters width, 10 meters height.

Stadium: 28 meters Length,15 meters width (standard size)

This solution uses 24 piece of 200W stadium LED lights, with 9 meters height and 4X6 layout design, 6 lights in average length and 4 lights in width. For this design,using professional lighting software to simulate an average stadium illumination of 552lx, which can be used for competition standards.

Note: Above only foe reference,the actual wattage of light depend on many factor,such as: the structure of the indoor basketball court,the size of the field and the height of the ceiling etc.

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Wrapping up

In this article, we have introduced the lighting design of indoor and outdoor basketball court. When we design lighting fixtures, we should first understand the size of the basketball court and the requirement for illuminance, and then we can calculate the total lumens, and finally choose the appropriate basketball court lighting fixture and layout,click here to know more sport stadium light requirement.