Which Light is Best for Badminton Court Lighting

Badminton is one of the most popular sports. Many people often go to indoor badminton courts for activities,and a good lighting design will bring customers more comfortable.Therefore,if you are badminton operators,you are planning to build a good light fixture system.You may want to know which light is more suitable for badminton courts? How to choose badminton court lights ? How many lumen does a badminton court lights need? How to layout the lighting?

In this article, we will compare and analyze several light fixtures,and how to use them for different situations.

What is badminton court size?

The badminton court is 13.40 meters long, 6.10 meters wide for doubles, and 5.18 meters wide for singles. According to international competition regulations, the minimum height space above the court is 9 meters. There should be no obstacle within this height. There should be no obstacles far away 2 meters of around the court. There should be a minimum distance of 2 meters between any two courts that are side by side.

Therefore, The installing height of light fixture should be at least 9 meters above the ground for for indoor professional stadium, and also be equipped with anti-glare devices. it can  appropriately reduce the installing height for entertainment and training application.

Badminton court lighting standards

The illuminance of badminton courts for different application is different.,refer to the table below(dimensions: 13.4 meters long, 6.1 meters wide)

Training, entertainment30024522

Badminton court lighting quality factors

Illumination level

Whether the illuminance of badminton meets the different application. Generally speaking, the vertical illuminance should be more than 1/2 of the horizontal illuminance. It is an idea lighting design when the vertical illuminance is equal to the horizontal illuminance.

Illumination even

The uniformity of illuminance is an important element to measure the lighting quality,which means that the stadium should be evenly illuminated, and there are no too bright or too dark area in the filed to provide good visual experience for athletes, spectators, and referees.


Glare is another important factor to measure lighting quality,which is related to the installation layout, installation height, the number of light and the distance of light etc. If there is too brightness in a certain point ,it cause glare.It is like looking at the sun at noon on a sunny day, people will feel  glare caused by excessive brightness.


The stability of lighting directly affects people’s vision,If there is an unstable lighting, which can lead to reduced vision of athletes. We can measure the lighting stability by stroboscopic performance. The stroboscopic refers to the luminous flux will  change periodically according to the periodic change of the current, making people feel illusions when watching the moving objects.

Which light is best for badminton court?

  • Badminton courts bank light

Bank light is one of the oldest lighting fixtures for badminton halls,the installation height is about 3-6 meters,which is suitable for small or low height badminton stadium.

Pros:Good price

Cons:Short lifespan/High maintenance/Overall not beautiful

  • Metal halide light

Although metal halide light can be used for badminton court lighting,the metal halide light not only consumes electricity, but also has a flaw in its slow start-up time. It will take fifteen minutes to fully light up.Therefore,if it need to restart the light fixture due to a trip or other accident,it will not only delay your business hours, but also make customers dissatisfied, resulting in loss of customers and reducing operating profits.

Pros:Good price

Cons:Short lifespan/High maintenance/long startup time

  • High hang fluorescent light

With unique reflector, the efficiency up to 90-95%; more tube options, flexible design,high hang fluorescent light can obtain maximum energy saving, higher lumen and longer life.  Compared with traditional HID light, it can save energy up to 50-60%. This type of light fixture is better to other types of light in terms of comfort, illuminance and glare, which can bring a professional and comfortable lighting environment,also suitable for indoor tennis court lighting, indoor basketball court lighting and other stadium lighting.

In addition to high hang fluorescent light,when the professional badminton courts with a height of more than 10 meters,we also can use profession sports floodlights and high-efficiency LED high bay light.

How to choose indoor badminton court lighting

A good indoor badminton court lighting will provide a good experience for players and bring more customer.So,how to choose badminton court light?There are mainly many factors need to be considered:

The height of indoor badminton court

Unlike outdoor badminton courts lighting,there are more details need to be considered for indoor badminton courts lighting because one of the most important factors is that the height of indoor badminton courts determines the choice of indoor badminton court lights.The higher the ceiling,the larger the power:

Common stadium8-15m
Professional court14-15m
Fitness & entertainment8-13m

Types of ceiling

There are common two types of ceiling such as: steel structure factory ceilings and cement reinforced ceilings,the indoor   badminton court lighting also depends on the type of ceiling.

Light distribution

We can choose high bay lights to make the light shines from top to bottom to get more even light distribution.

Energy-saving and lifespan

A energy-saving and longer lifespan up to 5,00 hours led light, with high color rendering CRI>80 (Ra) is a good option. More over,the non-stroboscopic and non-glaring lights allow badminton players to play as much as they want without feeling eye fatigue.

If you have a new badminton courts or retrofit badminton court lighting,It is better to choose badminton court special high hang fluorescent light,which are better to other types of light in terms of comfort, illuminance and glare,followed by considering LED floodlight or LED high bay light.

Why FINE PIXEL LED Light for badminton court

Our professional sports floodlight light comes with an easy-to-carry handle,a 360º adjustable mounting bracket and accurate sight accessories, which can be suitable for indoor and outdoor application.


Light weight

High luminous efficiency

High reliability

Low glare

Compact and beautiful,

Small drag coefficient

Multiple light distribution

Our High-efficiency LED high bay light use “fin-type” heat dissipation structure design with more larger heat dissipation area and better the thermal conductivity,which can not only effectively reduce the temperature of the LED but also have a lower light decay and longer lifespan.

Badminton court lighting design

In terms of lighting layout, there are natural lighting, artificial lighting or a mixed lighting layout design.Generally, natural lighting and artificial lighting are used in badminton court with skylights to the maximum use of natural light because of the natural light source is stable, good and free glare, if there is not enough natural light, then you should turn on the artificial light source.For different design, the layout is like below:

Layout 1:

You can consider three lights on both sides of each court layout,which is suitable for ordinary lighting requirements.

badminton court light layout
badminton court light layout

Layout 2:

You can consider four lights on both sides of each court layout,which is suitable for relatively high lighting requirements.

badminton court light layout
badminton court light layout

Layout 3:

You can consider five lights on both sides of each court layout,which is suitable for very high lighting requirements.

badminton court light layout

Wrapping up

There are so many badminton court lights on the market, which kind of light should I choose? In this guide,we have introduced that common badminton court lights like bank lights, metal halide lights, LED high bay lights and high-hanging fluorescent lights, how to choose them for different badminton courts, and other badminton court lighting design knowledge.If you are interested in more sports stadium lighting design,view to more tennis court lighting or basketball court lighting.